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Trenance Cottages Newquay

Written by: Keith Riley

Submitted: 22nd March 2007

Trenance Cottages, built on the site of an old malt house, date from the 18th Century. The cottages are situated in the heart of Newquay's Trenance Gardens, designed and landscaped in 1906. This was a response to the boom in visitors brought to the resort by the Great Western Railway entering Newquay over the viaduct of Trenance Valley. Find out more about the Trenance Cottages by visiting:

Trenance Cottages Newquay

Trenance Cottages

Friends of Trenance Cottages

Trenance Cottages were built around 150 years ago and were lived in by local families for more than a hundred years. In the past thirty years they have been used as a museum, but since this closed four years ago, their general condition has deteriorated to the extent that major work will be needed to save them from a ruinous state.

Restormel Borough Council has prioritised developing plans for the renovation of Trenance Cottages in order to seek grant funding to meet the costs of the initiative.

The newly formed group called "The Friends of Trenance Cottages", chairman Ted O'Dell, vice chairman Mavis Warman, secretary Chris Blount and treasurer Reg Warman have undertaken to help Restormel obtain grants to renovate the historic Trenance Cottages.

The "Friends" comprises of a group of local people who support the general ethos of preserving the cottages. They are inviting Newquay residents to join the group by donating £1.00 per year to help get the grants required.

Trenance Cottages Renovation Project

Restormel Borough Council wants the project to represent a significant feature in its plans to regenerate Newquay. The Friends, meanwhile, will be organising events from Easter 2007 onwards, to raise the public awareness of Trenance Cottages and the work being carried out by RBC, as well as publicising the Trenance area generally. After the great success of last year's Teddy Bears Picnic, The Friends are putting on the Pirates of Trenance on Easter Saturday, 7th April.

Some of the ideas proposed suggest restoring the cottages back into 4 separate units, with a connecting extension away from view. This will provide onsite toilet facilities and good disabled access. Three of the units will be available for lease by small creative businesses that wish to start up or expand. The extension and gallery (one of the cottages) will display information and pictures about Newquay's history and environment. During the restoration, there will be a programme of activities for the community to help create the historic information that will be displayed in the public galleries of the cottages. There will also be on site practical skills training for student builders.

Residents who wish to get involved should attend the next meeting of the Friends of Trenance Cottages Group on 17th April 7 pm at the Heron Centre. For further information, please contact the Friends of Trenance Cottages Chairman, Ted O'Dell on 07970 721580 or email:

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