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Newquay Business Networking Lunch Club

Edited by: Keith Riley

Submitted: 1st February 2008

Newquay Business Networking Lunch Club, the brainchild of Sara Cross, is a networking club ideal for laid-back Newquay business people, famous for doing business in flip flops, trading 24 hours, keeping hold of their money, and not taking life too seriously! The club aims to provide business support and networking opportunities for local businesses in a relaxed environment.

Newquay Business Networking Lunch Club

NBN Lunch Club

Where Good Food and Good Business are All Served

Back in November 2007, Sara Cross, who also runs the advertising agengy "Twenty Twenty Marketing", suggested to a few business associates that it would be a great idea to get lots of business people to meet up for a regular lunch, good excuse to get out of the office and maybe finish the week off a little early! Two months later and already the club is growing fast with local tycoons eager to escape their money making toil for a couple of hours to meet fellow wealth creators!

There is no fee to join, no commitments, no talks/presentations and no scary 60 second intros from everyone, just chatting, business networking and lunch! Those who see you, get to know you and those who have a better sense of what you do, are more likely to refer people to you.

NBN Lunch Club meets fourth Friday (usually) every month at a Newquay venue, no fee, no commitment, no presentations, talk or intros, buy your own drink/ lunch, bring your business cards, leaflets or brochures and meet lots of nice people.

February lunch, already booking fast is at the Windswept Cafe, South Fistral at 12.30 on Friday 22nd. To book contact Sara Cross on 01637 870712 or email:

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