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Surfers Back Precious Lives Appeal

Written by: Press release

Submitted: 30th June 2008

Nearly 50 surfers arrived at south Fistral on Saturday with their boards bearing stickers with Joe Way's website on each one.

Surfers bearing stickers with Joe Way's website on their surfboards

Surfers back Precious Lives Appeal at Fistral Beach, Newquay


Joe is the inspirational little boy who touched people's lives around the country and beyond. His website, has been set up to tell his story, raise awareness of his conditions, and to help raise money for Children's Hospice South West's Precious Lives Appeal to build a children's hospice in Cornwall.

Sue Butler from Fistral surf club stepped in to help along with the BSA. Sue who helped round up some of the top names in UK surfing was delighted with the turn out. Sue Butler said "As I knew Joe and his family I understand why a children's hospice in Cornwall is so important, what better way to promote his story and the fund raising with the board stickers".

Included in the crowd were Alan Stokes, Tom Butler, Ben Skinner and Ollie Adams.

Matt, Joe's Dad said "It was great to see so many people taking the time to support Joe's story and the hospice appeal. It was good to have the time to talk to people about the exciting news that the location of the hospice has been named and the land gifted"


At one point two traffic warden's turned up and started to give out parking tickets due to the huge amount of people that came, there was a lack of parking. Luckily after realising what was going on and after a phone call to their office they allowed the photo shot to finish without issuing any tickets Phew...

Fat face are also supporting To back up the message the Lusty Glaze team put Joe's posters up and a banner which was 10ft x 3ft on the cliff face.

Ben Richards from ITV's The Bill attended the night surf with his wife they had a great night and enjoyed a couple of days in Cornwall. Ben who is a Patron of a children's hospice in the South has also offered to help with Joe's campaign after learning about Joe and his website.

The night surf is part of the UKPSA (UK Pro Surf Association) Surf Tour, competitors and spectators had another awesome weekend of top surfing, a chilled environment, fireworks and the best parties, long into the night! As well as supporting and learning about Joe's campaign. Nurses and friends wearing t-shirts, collected money on Friday and Saturday night.

Claire Way, Joe's mum said "The total collected over the two evenings was just over £600 which was fantastic and a credit to all the friends of Joe involved and we cannot thank you all enough".

Thank you to the nursing team & friends, lusty glaze, KOOLA bar, Newquay rowing club and fat face for their support.

Joe's parents said: "This weekend has been great with so many people enjoying fun ways to get our son's story out there. The website is there to inspire other families and provide information on the conditions Joe had. The fundraising side has been a way for people to express their admiration for Joe by donating to a fantastic cause which Cornwall deserves."

See why Cornwall needs a children's hospice on Joe's website

You have read his story be inspired...

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