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Newquay Discovery Map Finds the World Wide Web

Written by:Press Release

Submitted: 19th January 2009

Newquay has become the first seaside resort to recognise the value of its environment and the importance of its place in history by producing and distributing the NEWQUAY DISCOVERY MAP free to all town's folk and visitors. Local businesses and the public sector pulled together to fund the map enabling people to enjoy a different side to Newquay; the plants and animals that co–exist with us and the town's rich heritage. Many of you will be familiar with the slate discs that occupy the paths and gardens of Newquay – the Discovery Trail, organised by the Newquay Chamber of Commerce.

Newquay Discovery Map

Newquay Discovery Map

Further to this there was recognition, identified by Ruth Grant of Newquay Zoo; "Many of our visitors and locals are reluctant to use public transport or indeed take advantage of our stunning coastal footpath to explore Newquay's many beaches, mainly because they don't realise how easy it is!" Lesley Barlow, a resident of Newquay and a County Council public transport spokesperson put it perfectly; "In peak season you can often walk from Porth to the centre of Newquay using the footpath in almost half the time it takes to go by car. No queues, no parking fees and a relaxing trip home on the bus!"

Beautifully illustrated and a delight to have on your wall at home, the map has stacks of useful information to help make living and visiting Newquay a positive and sustainable experience. Recognising the valuable resource of the map, Newquay Town Council has provided much of the funds to produce an online version of the map – The site provides a unique insight into the hidden natural treasures of Newquay. Wildlife enthusiasts, naturalists, historians, businesses, indeed anyone concerned with the welfare of Newquay can now join an online forum and discuss issues from recycling to the existence of the Gannel Crake! There is a wealth of information useful to schools and colleges and links to businesses who all wish to play a part in making Newquay the role model in ethical and sustainable tourism. And yet for all of that, this is a fun and interactive site with great visual features and a joy to use.

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