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Newquay Welcomes Machine that Could Save Lives

Written by: Press Release

Submitted: 24th June 2009

POTENTIALLY lifesaving treatment will now be available to emergency services in Newquay, after a community defibrillator was installed in the town. The project has come to fruition this week after two businesses came together with Newquay Police Community Support Officer (PCSO) Pete Sobye. The machine has been paid for thanks to a £1,250 donation from Jo Terry at Dudes hair salon and will be based at Boots on Bank Street.

Newquay Police Community Support Officer (PCSO) Pete Sobye

(PCSO) Pete Sobye

PCSO Sobye, who has worked with the force for six years and also medically trained as a Community First Responder, explained the reasons behind the need for the device in Newquay and why he got involved.

"Following a medical emergency at my house, a local community responder attended and assisted until the arrival of the land ambulance a short while later. I was so impressed with the responder that, for some time, I mulled over the idea of becoming one myself," he said. "I eventually applied and was successful, getting a spot in the Indian Queens group, and my training course followed."

"The training course was invaluable as my first patient was my father in law who suffered a cardiac arrest. I started to think about ways in which I could start a project at work with the police but which could involve the ambulance service."



"After some research I decided the best way to incorporate the two was to try and get a community defibrillator for the town centre of Newquay."

Linking in with local traders, PCSO Sobye managed to get some 14 people interested in being trained to use the defibrillator.

"Speaking with Jo Terry, the owner of Dudes, about the scheme, she said that she would be honoured to become involved and that she would be willing to fund the complete cost," added Pete. "She was looking for some way to put something back into the community and this was the ideal way."

PCSO Sobye arranged a training session on May 6 2009, carried out by Air Ambulance Paramedics Mark Fuszard and Neil Lentern at Newquay Police Station. The defib was collected from NHS Trust HQ on May 14 and installed the following day. "It is all thanks to the generous donation from Jo Terry and thanks to Sandra Elliot of Boots for allowing the defibrillator to be sited in her store."

"A cardiac arrest can happen to anyone, at any time. And when it does, the chances of survival drop by 14% with every minute that passes without defibrillation. This is why I felt it was important to have a defibrillator based in the town centre and have several staff trained in its use."

The defibrillator is a device or equipment utilized to correct ventricular fibrilation. This is a condition where there is disorganized and rapid trembling of the heart muscles instead of the normal rythmic beat. The patient is given a jolt of electricity from this device, which is directed in the heart to get it back to its normal original rythmic beat. This is done by placing a pair of sticky pads on the patient's bare chest. The shock stops individual muscle movement letting the natural rhythm of the heart continue.

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