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    Change of Summer Play for Lane Theatre, Newquay

    Written by: Press Release

    Submitted: 17 July 2009

    Lane Theatre relies on its summer plays to survive that's the simple honest truth. Over the 29 years since we opened Lane Theatre there have been some close shaves. Actors having car crashes, moving away, plays having to be changed at short notice, but we have always managed one way or another to get the show on the road.

    Girls Night Out - Lane Theatre, Newquay

    Girls Night Out

    However, this year when we lost the lead actor 7 weeks before our second summer play "Trap for a Lonely Man" took to the stage we really thought we would not be able to salvage our "29th Summer Season" and that would have meant serious problems for us.

    Just when we thought there was no hope the idea was muted that our November 2008 play could be repeated. Frantic phone calls were made and miraculously each member of the cast, lighting, back stage and the Director, Susie Bundy were available. Although this would mean for many changing arrangements and cancelling other things in order to give priority to the heavy rehearsal schedule. The committee breathed a huge sigh of relief, not to mention our Treasurer.

    Girls Night Out - Lane Theatre, Newquay

    Girls Night Out

    Over the next couple of days all the pieces came together and our nightmare was over. Our "Summer Season" would go on. So to coin a phrase "The Girls are Back in Town", the sell–out musical play by Louise Roche and directed by Susie Bundy, will take to the stage once again. Every Tuesday and Wednesday from 11th August till the 7th October, tickets £7 concessions are available.

    So if you missed it the first time or want to see it again, you can! It's a great night out with friends. Booking could not be easier ring our 24hr Booking Line and leave your details or go into Newquay Library Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday 10am till 1pm.

    "They say every cloud has a silver lining, we at Lane Theatre are just counting our 'Lucky Stars'", says Sheila Lines, Lane Theatre's Publicity and Charity Liaison Officer.

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