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OLLYPOP - The NEW Surf Towel That's Got Everybody Popping!

Edited by: Keith Riley

Submitted: 1st November 2006

Cornwall based surf instructor Olly Daglish has just created the ollypop surf towel, a beach towel designed to help learner surfers 'pop' to their feet quicker and more smoothly, improving their technique for when they're back in the water.

Ollypop logo

Ollypop logo

'POP' To Your Feet Wherever You Are!

The ollypop towel enables surfers around the country to practice at home while beach-based surfers can use the towel to keep popping when the surf is flat. Surfers often find themselves back to square one when everyday life keeps them away from the surf, however with an 'ollypop', when the surf's up you will be too!

The ollypop is a towel with a surfboard printed on it that shows the surfer where to put their feet when they stand. Regular practice on the ollypop will enable the surfer to develop one fast, smooth pop... an absolute must when you are on the crest of a breaking wave and it has to be done in a split second. Once you are on your feet and riding the wave, the rest is easy - sort of!

Olly Daglish - creator of Ollypop

Olly Daglish - creator of Ollypop

Ollypop - A Must for This Year's Christmas Gift List

Olly has combined his ideas developed while working as a surf instructor, with his many years experience as a worldwide surfer to create ollypop. "I wanted to create something to help surfers get up and riding quickly so they can get the full surfing buzz quicker and more easily through practicing while away from the beach or while the surf is flat. We are also keen to use our website as a free information source for surfers across the UK offering the latest surf forecasts and technical tips while promoting a safe surf culture and healthy outdoor lifestyle."

The ollypop towel is already proving a hit with surf schools and surfers across Cornwall:

"The ollypop surf towel is perfect for people both learning and looking to master their surf position. I am certainly going to recommend that my students purchase an ollypop to help improve and maintain their surfing technique when they get home," says Pete Craske from Surfs Up Surf School in Cornwall.

With surfing's popularity booming in the UK at the moment, the ollypop is a sure favourite for the Christmas gift list this year. For more information contact Olly or Tiny at ollypop on 07810 375351 or email or visit

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