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Gul Takes a Step Back to Move Forward

Written by: Press Release

Submitted: 7th April 2009

Original Cornish surf company, Gul has drawn on over 40 years of experience and continued success to produce outstanding clothing ranges for 2009.

Gul clothing

Gul clothing

Gul's New Clothing Range

Building on the strength of their original 'bird logo' from the 1960s, Gul's clothing range comprises classic, timeless designs that are built to last.

During a time when we are urged to spend wisely, trends have shown that consumers are more likely to buy good quality clothes that can be worn for some time to come.

Gul's 2009 ranges have been designed with this in mind and the results are staggering with the 'bird logo' T–shirt and hooded sweater being an instant hit becoming our best selling garments for over 40 years.

"Our experience in the surf market has always led us to produce high quality products, it's exciting for me when designing a new range that I can take inspiration from our biggest asset, our heritage." (Grant Goodhew, Menswear designer)

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